The Defective Gene Pool

The 2nd Annual Danny C. Dossman 69th Birthday Ride to Watch  will take place October 30, 2021.

You are invited to attend the “Ride to Watch” (RTW) event that will be held in TBD, Texas on October 30, 2021.

Danny will let us know where the party is going to be this year and we'll post it here.  Last year's bash was

an awesome first year event so we decided we will do it again.  Stay tuned.

Ride ins of more than 1,000 miles are eligible for recognition with a special commemorative Danny C. Dossman 69th Birthday Ride to Watch Saddlesore 1000 or BBG certificate.  The usual IBA fees will apply.  Also, the rider or two-up pair logging the most miles to the event will receive a special prize in keeping with the tradition of the Defective Gene Pool.  Yes, that means Bill Thweatt is in charge of prize selection.

3:00 PM – Tire kicking at the host hotel begins.  This may or may not involve actual tire kicking but could involve the usual Defective Gene Pool silliness.
5:30 PM – Something else happens.
6:00 PM – Happy Hour
7:00 PM – Other stuff happens
8:45 PM – Not sure what happens at this point but I'm sure it is good   

If you have any questions you may contact the birthday boy at or the RTW Ridemaster at  See you there (TBD)!