Bill Thweatt                           Bo Griffin                             Ron Ayres                   Dianne Fox & Betsy Young                  Cliff Wall                        Dave McQueeney

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The Hall of Fame

Each year we induct one or more long-distance riders who have distinguished themselves in some manner by their riding accomplishments and/or their service to the long-distance riding community.  The Defectives:

          Jim Orr                             Paul Meyer                  Tim Masterson               Howard Entman                  Paul Pelland

             2020                                    2020                                 2021                                   2021                                  2021

The Defective Gene Pool

       Wayne Boyter                     Matt Wise                  Paul Tong & Peter Green             Big Ray Cotton                       Tom Loftus                  Danny Dossman

               2017                                 2018                                     2018                                    2018                                 2019                                2019